About us

Nanoformula s.c. manufacturer and brand owner of Nano Ceramic Protect® Ceramic Protective Coating Nano Ceramic Protect® Hard 9H INNOVATIVE NANOTECHNOLOGY Nano Ceramic Protect®

"Nano Ceramic Protect® product offers you the protection
coating with a molecular ceramic 3D Structure Hard 9H.
We guarantee the best quality currently available on the market.

Our main focus is to offer the best product quality"

CEO Marcin Markiewicz

Why Nano Ceramic Protect® is the best? 

Nano Ceramic Protect® is the most innovative ceramic coating on the market. What is so special about Nano Ceramic Protect® coatings? We offer a protective coating with the molecular 3D structure.It is the result of binding into a dense network of nanoparticles. The molecular structure guarantees a hardness of 9H and certifies the highest strength of ceramic protective coatings. Nano Ceramic Protect® guarantees durability even in extreme weather conditions.


Innovative technology, the highest standards, qualified team – are the foundation of Nano Ceramic Protect® Nano Ceramic Protect® brand is based on a long experience in automotive and marine industry. Employing our capacity and various applications of Nano Ceramic Protect® products, we expand our product range with several new articles dedicated for industrial application. Marketed under the name Nano Ceramic Protect® INDUSTRY.


We have not only developed the technology of excellent protective coating, but also, together with SATA – a professional equipment supplier – a new spray application system. The NCP Sparying System reduces application time, creates an invisible protective layer with a hardness of 9H, increases the thickness of the coating and ensures the best product performance. These services are now available to cleaning and industrial surface protection companies. Nano Ceramic Protect® is highly valued in over 87 countries around the world. We have achieved the trust of our customers thanks to the best quality and professional services.