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Nano Ceramic Protect® Brands

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Nano Ceramic Protect®

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Nano Ceramic Protect®

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Nano Ceramic Protect®

Innovative nanotechnology

Certified 9H hard ceramic coatings

The only method of applying two ceramic protective coatings with a hardness of 9H, which gives a unique coating with self-regenerating protective properties.

Spray application method

The only method of applying two ceramic coatings by spraying with the Nano Ceramic Protect® Sata spraying system developed in the USA, giving 100% coverage of the surface of 4 layers of the coating in a very short time of implementation.

Ecology and Nano Ceramic Protect®

The use of ceramic coatings to protect photovoltaics gives an increase in energy obtained, with an average annual value of over 20%. Confirmed by tests in Europe.

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Nano Ceramic Protect® offers you the protection coating with a molecular ceramic 3D structure Hard 9H. We guarantee the best quality currently available on the market. Our main focus is to offer the best product quality.

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Nanoformula s.c.

We are manufacturer and brand owner of Nano Ceramic Protect.

We develop a network of Partners in +90 countries.

We've created a Automotive, Home & Industry and Marine series.

Only 4 companies on the planet has 9H certicate. We are one of them.

We developed innovative SATA Spraying System to help you work faster and more efficient.

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