Nano Ceramic Protect® Ceramic Upholstery Protection
Nano Ceramic Protect®


A very useful product for car owners, providing a hydrophobic effect for carpets and Alcantara. Provides lasting protection against water, dirt, salts, etc. This product provides a waterproofing coating, impregnates the surface with silane nanoparticles, thus preventing the penetration of dirt and dirt into the interior. The material is water resistant and significantly reduces the possibility of staining. The repulsion of liquids through a hydrophobic effect on the coated material, facilitates the removal of spilled liquid from the impregnated surface and hinders the appearance of stains. The coating creates a thin invisible layer around the fibers, without changing the material (the feeling, appearance and degree of “breathing” remain the same). The nano coating is resistant to condensation water, salt solutions, acid rain and dry cleaning.

Nano Ceramic Protect® Fabric Protector

Nano Ceramic Protect® Fabric is the product, which makes keeping factory-made features of cabrio material roof possible. Improper conservation or its lack has a negative influence on a bad appearance and fading of a roof, but above all causes its grime and damaging of inside structure of a material. As a result it brings an expensive repair of a durable roof damages.

The regular use of the Nano Ceramic Protect® Fabric guarantees better resistance on a humidity and counteracts against repeated grime of roof.

The product is available for sale separately: the capacity – 500 ml.


Methods of application: manually with tigger sprayer or with NCP SATA Spraying System. Before application we suggest to clean upholstery with NCP Interior Cleaner – Ready to use or NCP APC – concentrate – products from maintenance series.

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